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UMAX IVF Counseling

UMAX IVF is a medical service agency providing you a personalized IVF journey.

UMAX experts team is known as the best in class in Turkey. Providing medical services in reproductive endocrinology and infertility (IVF) treatments, gynecological endocrinology, invitro fertilization(IVF), stem cell studies. Our lead expert, Gyn.Op.Dr.Mrs. Günseli Dura Özdemir, specialized in endoscopic surgery, gynecological surgery, especially vaginal surgery, risky pregnancies besides the IVF infertility.

In this regard, UMAX IVF provides personalized healthcare services in connection with finding, interviewing, qualifying, and recommending medical institutions that will be responsible and conduct the healthcare treatment of the Intended Parent(s)’s conceived through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). We carry one of the highest-ranking IVF centers in the region with the best team and institutions in the region.

We are very proud of our boutique service that focuses on you.

UMAXIVF is a brand of UMAX Healthcare Services and Technology Co. based in Podgorica, Montenegro providing personalized healthcare services, in scope of IVF, Online Psychological Counseling, Teleradiology.

Since 2006, UMAX specializes in medical imaging and tele diagnosis solutions as well as improving the quality of healthcare. The company possesses 15 years of experience in virtual diagnostic reporting for health centers in developing regions and the development of psychotherapy analytics and IoT equipment solutions, AI powered decision support systems.

The key to our success is our team is the adoptions of a "personalized healthcare service" approach. We don’t support the idea of mass production since a human is one and only unique creature in universe with its capabilities. We trust in science and act according to the protocols researched and developed by the best senior doctors and experts.



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No two people are the same, and no two infertility cases are alike. Your fertility status is personal and unique to you. Schedule your initial assessment with one of our fertility specialists.

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